Paul Howard Woodturner
Paul Howard Woodturner

Fluting Jig


Suits lathes with spindle heights from 80mm to 310mm (3.25” to 12”)

Greater spindle height can be achieved by using a base plate on the lathe bed.

A base plate or board is recommended for a lathe with round bed bars.

Base boards made from 20mm MDF or scrap Kitchen Work Tops are ideal.


Routers that are removable from their base with a standard 43mm collar.

Reducer collars can be supplied to suit die grinders or other tools with a parallel collar can be provided. The Trend T3 has a 42mm collar so 0.5mm shim can be supplied. The Trend T4 has a 43mm collar.


Base fitted with plastic liner.


Router carrier can be adjusted along the length of the base.


Height and length adjustment for guide bush.


Router not included.



Fluting_Jig.jpeg Fluting Jig
Jig_woodtuning.jpeg Jig Used Directly on Lathe Bed

Base boards on the lathe bed can be used and are recomended for lathes with round bed bars.

Faceplate work and hollow forms can be fluted using a baseboard.

Boards can be made from offcuts of kitchen worktops or any strong sheet material of 20mm or greater thickness.

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New Sphere Jig now ready.

Turn Spheres from small to 300mm Diameter.

Carbide Cutter for consistent results.

Fits flatbed lathes from 120mm to 250mm Spindle Height

Riser Blocks Included.

Additional Riser Blocks Avaliable

Please Email Spindle Height Details if more than 250mm When Ordering.

Centralising Block Included


Round Bed Bar Version Available  to fit Record Power and other Lathes with Dual Round Bars and Spindle heights from 125mm.



New Fluting Jigs all come with the offset bush holder.

A Pistol Drill with a 43mm collar can be mounted in the Jig with the latest modifications

Fluting Jig can now accept Makitia Router up to 65mm Dia

New Index System now Avail


60 48 36 14 positions.



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